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King Salmon

Chinook or “King” Salmon are the largest of the Lake Ontario trout and salmon.  There’s a reason anglers call them King Salmon – these fish are some of the lake’s most desired species for Sportfishing and Tournament Anglers.

We begin targeting these fiesty fish in the month of May out of Wilson,NY. We continue to fish for Salmon all summer out of the Ports of Oswego NY and Mexico Point NY until the adults enter the Salmon and Oswego Rivers and spawn. We use 3 Trojan 10 meter yachts to make our customers comfortable no matter what mother nature throws at us.  These “Kings” hit up to the 30-pound mark and get bigger as the summer progresses. These fish have phenominal power.  We have seen them strip up to 450′ of line right through the drag washers of our top of the line Shimano Reels.

The start of the Chinook fishing season for the West end of the lake out of Wilson Harbor begins in May. A large concentration of the lakes Salmon population are attracted to the plume of nutrient rich water entering Lake Ontario from Lake Erie in the spring. This plume draws the bait thus attracting the Kings.

Salmon fishing Lake Ontario trout
FV BlackJack Salmon

Chinook prefer cold water temps. ideally at around 42-55 deg. Fahrenheit, so the warmer it gets the further offshore you’ll have to go. You’re looking at fishing anywhere between 100–700 feet deep depending on wind and currents in mid summer we could be 20miles off-shore.

In late Aug. early Sept the fish prepare for their fall spawning run, they begin to move into the mouths of the lake’s tributaries. The action heats up as these fish are at their heaviest weight. The Salmon are beasts, have extremely hard jaws, and only around for a short window of time. We call this fishing for “Staging Kings”. It typically ends the last week of Sept.

Coho and Atlantic Salmon are the two other species we catch on Lake Ontario. The Coho and Atalntic do not get as large as the Kings but are known to be acrobatic when hooked, still produce a great fight, and the best table fare of our salmon species

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Salmon fishing Lake Ontario trout

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