AUG Salmon Fishing

The month has been full of ups and downs with some days of treasure some days of disgust. We are operating the FV-Blackjack out of Wrights Landing in Oswego. We are operating the FV-Doubledown out of the Little Salmon in Mexico Bay. On days of tough Salmon bites we are able to utilize the FV-Doubledown to venture north to acess Lake Trout. As the motherload of Salmon move into Mexico Bay the FV-Balckjack will return to Mexico Bay to put the beat down on the Staged Kings. Today marks the beginning of the LOC salmon Derby. The grand prize can be a $25000 purse for any registered angler. We are pleased to announce The agreement with Pro-Troll to be promotional staff. We feel their product is 2nd to none and has been a staple for the growth of our business. We have introduced a YouTube channel for Blackjack Charters and are in the process of uploading some current videos as salmon action heats up.

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